How does a lease with option to buy work?

With rental prices rising every month, many people are considering buying a home. This requires prior savings to pay the signal. However, there is a contract between the two worlds. This is a lease with option to buy.


I have a Tourist Use home, why should I legalize it and how can I do it?

It is always a good time to remember the ABC of tourist homes! If you own an apartment and want to offer it to a third party in exchange for a price, you should know that it has to be legalized. We explain why and the steps to follow to be able to carry out your activity within the prescribed limits.


Post-purchase investment reforms

Buying a house that needs some remodeling is a great option and has several advantages. In the first place, because in the market you can find interesting offers on real estate to reform. Also, if the house looks unattractive, but has good potential, it can be renovated and customized to your liking.

In order not to make a big mistake, before buying a house to remodel, you should evaluate several aspects to see if it is a good investment and if the necessary work will bring too much cost and eventually you will lose the advantage. Experts have found some reform ideas that can be a good investment when buying a home.


How to isolate ourselves from the noise of the neighbors

Listening to the neighbors all the time can be very annoying. The sounds of the neighbors when we try to rest or sleep or when we want to watch a series or movie comfortably. Sometimes we have noisy neighbors and a simple conversation can solve the problem. Other times we have problems with insulation. This means that even though our neighbor's intention is not to make noise, it can be noticed.


We will tell you what to reform depending on the year of your house

Have you just bought a house and do not know what is the most important thing to decorate? Is your house from the 60s and 70s and would you like to invest some money to update it? Obviously, every home is different. The materials and quality used to build them at the time varied widely. However, we want to use different decades to see where review and reform may be urgently needed. We can help you!


How to furnish a 50 m2 beach apartment

The idea of living in a beach apartment exclusively during the summer makes people often choose to buy small houses. However, for the sake of comfort, the house should be carefully furnished, even if it is 50 square meters. We can help you find your home and we will also advise you to make it all yours. A studio is a good business opportunity for vacation rental, we can help you with all the paperwork.


How much does it cost to urbanize an urbanizable land?

If you want to build a house that you like, the first thing you need is a piece of land and we can help you. Depending on its classification, it can be built or not. In this article, we explain the peculiarities of urbanized land and the costs of urbanizing it.


When is it necessary to do a home appraisal for the mortgage?

When we are going to apply for a mortgage, the appraisal is a big procedure, but also in other processes related to the mortgage itself or the house. Here we are going to see all the keys to take into account.


As a foreigner, how can I apply for a Mortgage?

There are some differences between ordinary mortgages for foreigners or Spaniards residing in another country. Compared to 80% of the loans, it is allowed to finance up to 70%, the interests are usually higher and a good set of documentation is required. However, these profiles can also access bank financing. All the information about it below:


The sale of a property and its expenses.

Due to Covid-19, and as a result of the months of confinement, many people decided to leave the apartments they had in the city and look for a property far from the cities, in more airy and relaxed places.
Two years have passed but this trend is still continuing at the real estate level. Many people plan to start this process of buying and selling, but all the taxes and expenses that this implies should be taken into account before getting rid of their houses.


What is better variable mortgage or fixed mortgage?

During this year, many people have changed their variable loan to a fixed one. In this section, we show you the advantages and disadvantages involved if you want to make this type of change in your mortgage.



Here we will provide you with all the current official and updated information about Covid, the conditions of entry and exit from Spain and the restrictions.


What are the steps you must follow to make a change of use from premises to housing?

In this article we will see the steps you must follow to make the change of use from premises to housing. We have many clients interested in commercial premises for residential use. Making the change is easier than it seems, we leave you here the steps to follow. Do not hesitate to contact us if you liked one of our premises on the Costa Brava and want to make the change. You will find our premises for sale here: https://cutt.ly/YFRSAWH


Should you invest in a beach apartment?

At the time when you are considering investing in a property on the beach in Roses, Costa Brava; A thousand doubts and contradictory reasoning may appear. This is a scary decision, but buying a property and then renting it can be a stable source of income, as well as an incredible place to enjoy a vacation with your family.

Below we will explain the pros and cons of owning a holiday rental in Roses Costa Brava to help you decide whether or not you should. In addition to what is the median income and various factors that you should know.


Conditions of entry in Spain and information on PCR tests or antigens for entry into Spain and France

COVID information for your holidays in Roses, you need to do a PCR or antigens to enter or leave Spain or valid vaccination, here you have all the information.


What types and ideas should be considered to decorate a kitchen practically & comfortably?

Here you will find some spectacular tips that will help you if you have bought a house or apartment and want to redecorate the kitchen, or if you want to make reforms and then decorate.


Sales mandates - You want to sell with ROSESINMO.NET - Cbrai

Types of sales mandate with ROSESINMO.NET your real estate in Roses Costa Brava


Advantages of selling with ROSESINMO.NET and Cbrai?

Don't go around an agency, a warrant and 33 sales agencies on the Costa Brava.


Roses webcams at your service

Live Roses live a window to the best beaches of the Costa Brava, you know that you can see Roses with the different webcams offered by Roses.net


Ronda walk from Roses to Cadaqués

Idyllic section on the Costa Brava from Roses to Cadaqués, we start in front of the Roses tourist office, the first part to the Almadraba beach is an urban section of walk and path, once we pass the Almadraba the Cap de Creus with a harder dirt road with continuous descents and ascents, we first cross Punta Falconera where an advertisement for Estrella Damm beer was recently shot with the 50 best chefs in Spain.