Tuesday, October 17, 2023
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Open Space Renovations: Tips and Solutions

The main characteristic of any obstacle-free space is the absence of separations between rooms, with a greater connection between the kitchen and the living room, for example. These types of designs improve the luminosity of the area and air circulation, which creates more serene environments and makes it easier to share the same space more fluidly. Each person's individual needs should guide how barriers are removed, but this change will have a major impact on housing.

The concept emerged in the 1950s, when a more collaborative work environment without physical divisions was sought. Later, in New York, the first open plan designs were developed, a concept especially popular in the United States that is gaining more and more followers in Europe. We have put together a series of recommendations in case you want to adapt your home to this approach.

Professional advice
It is essential to seek guidance and support from professionals when dealing with a renovation, to ensure that the project is carried out properly and does not cause problems to the integrity of your home. In addition, this will allow you to find the best quality-price ratio according to your needs.

An evaluation of both the structure and the facilities needs to be carried out to ensure the optimal solution for an open space design. In this sense, not just any wall can be removed, so it will be the professional's responsibility to determine if there are any crucial structural elements that need to be replaced.

Air Circulation and Ventilation
Many people worry about cooking fumes and aromas that can spread throughout the home. It is crucial to highlight that at this stage, the evaluation of the air circulation and ventilation systems, as well as the choice of appropriate equipment, are essential.

Selecting an appropriate ventilation system that suits your style, as well as furniture and appliances, is essential. In this context, the specialized professional must consider the architecture of the design and analyze air circulation, including inlets and outlets. Once this evaluation is complete, you will need to recommend the most suitable ventilation and extraction systems, which play an essential role in eliminating any inconvenience or bad odor.

Furniture and Equipment
The choice of sink, stove and refrigerator position must be carefully planned for functionality and efficiency. In addition, it is essential to consider the choice of wall coverings, the kitchen island, the countertop or even the extractor hoods of the hobs. In this regard, the use of natural materials and sustainable equipment, such as wood, stone and steel, can be an excellent choice due to their durability.

Another interesting alternative is to invest in technology by opting for smart appliances and devices with connectivity and automatic programming capacity.

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