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With offices in Roses and Santa Margarita. We process your sale in Roses, Empuriabrava and the Costa Brava with total security and transparency.

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We carry out all kinds of reforms of bathrooms, kitchens, floors etc ... in Roses Empuriabrava and the Costa Brava

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Ref. 2742     3,046 ft2  4  3

House for sale in Empuriabrava, with 283 m2, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, Swimming pool, Garage and Furnished.

595,000 €
Ref. 2818     1,292 ft2  3  2

Beautiful house with sea views completely renovated 25 meters from the beach.

495,000 €
Ref. 2796     3,057 ft2  5  4

House for sale in Empuriabrava, with 284 m2

830,000 €
Ref. 2744     4  3
3 winds house with mooring for sale with 285 m2, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and swimming pool.
1,200,000 €

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Renovating a home can increase its value by up to 20%, but what modifications are most effective in increasing its market value? From touching up the paint to renovating the floors, modernizing the furniture or improving the electrical infrastructure, each improvement made contributes to its revaluation. Here we present suggestive alternatives and provide you with an estimate of their approximate costs.

Second homes are an important part of the Spanish real estate market, sought after by both nationals and foreigners for their climate and quality of life. However, acquiring them can be complicated due to questions about taxes and expenses.

In general terms, today rounded shapes, natural materials, spacious seats and multifunctional furniture predominate. This change is attributed to the desire to create more welcoming environments with an aesthetic closer to nature, in line with a growing interest in eco-sustainability, recycling and the connection between the interior and exterior spaces of the home.