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What is the Certificate of Habitability?

The Certificate of Habitability of a home is a document that certifies that the home meets the minimum conditions of habitability and solidity required by Law. It guarantees that the space is habitable and meets a certain level of health and hygiene. It specifies the minimum useful area of the living space, and the minimum equipment that must be provided: toilets, kitchen, hot water, etc. Since they are not very demanding, most homes will generally comply.

How is the procedure done?

To obtain a Certificate of Habitability, it is necessary to present all the required documents at any Housing Office in your city. We recommend making an appointment to expedite the process. Once the application has been submitted, the payment letter will be delivered, which must be made in the banking entities indicated.

You can pick up your ID at any Housing Office in your city within 30 business days, provided the fee has been paid. In case of not picking up the document, it will be sent by ordinary mail to the interested party.

What documentation do I need?

If your home does not have the Cédula or it has expired, you must start the procedures for it. First of all, you must have an architect to inspect the house and to prepare a Certificate of Habitability.

In the case of new construction, you will need a building license or equivalent, original certificate of work and habitability signed by the technician. For second-hand homes, the technician's certificate and the application form are required. For copies, the deed of sale or the lease.

Who can ask for it?

This document can be requested by the owner of the home or a representative of the home who has the necessary documentation. If it is a duplicate of the ID, it can be requested by the owner of the home, the lessee, or the duly authorized representative of the home.

What is the expiration date of a Certificate of Habitability?

• 10 years: Those granted before 2004

• 15 years: Those that occurred between 2004 and 2012 or those that are granted for second occupation or rehabilitation of the property.

• 25 years: Certificates of first occupation granted since 2013

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