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How to insulate your house from humidity?

According to the European directive on the energy efficiency of buildings, we should seriously consider the energy rehabilitation of homes. One of the interventions that can be carried out is the thermal insulation of residential buildings with thermal insulation. However, in many cases, poor workmanship can lead to moisture and mold problems in your home. So does the insulation solve or create humidity inside? We explain what we need to know.

1- Thermal insulation against humidity

Dampness in a home occurs when water vapor in the air doesn't evaporate properly and collects in cracks under walls and floors and even under insulation. In these cases, the installation of insulation can aggravate the problem; but it is better to understand that the source of the moisture must be identified in order to eliminate it, possibly before installing the insulation.

2- Thermal insulation, pros and cons

If we look at the benefits of installing thermal insulation, we find several: there is less heat loss, whether it is warmth in winter or coolness in summer. In fact, this installation reduces the formation of cold air inside the walls, which is associated with interruptions in the construction of buildings. Thermal insulation also provides better sound insulation and is definitely an investment that increases the market value of your home.

The disadvantages of installing insulation are the cost of the material, the thickness of the insulation, and the possibility of degradation of the material over time. Also, insulation can cause moisture problems in the home if it is not done carefully.

3- Is thermal insulation effective against humidity for clarity?

If the walls of your home are damp due to rising water, insulation can be a bad remedy if the problem is not addressed first. In fact, moisture can create mold that can damage the siding, exacerbating the problem, forcing new ones and leaving you with huge bills.

Therefore, before installing the layer, it is necessary to proceed step by step, carefully inspect the walls of the building and, if necessary, take measures to remove moisture before installation. Only then will the coating provide sufficient protection against moisture after installation.

4- How to avoid mold with thermal insulation

The best way to prevent mold and fungus in thermal insulation is to dehumidify the building before installation, for example by using a chemical barrier, injecting special waterproof resins into the walls that block the appearance of rising damp. .

Once installed, the siding will prevent infiltration and condensation, preventing mold problems.

5- Thermal insulation: when not to do it

As already mentioned above, it is not recommended to install a layer of thermal insulation in a building prone to mold and moisture without first addressing the problem. Other cases where a thermal lining cannot be installed are buildings subject to architectural constraints; in this case, internal insulation can be considered, but this would reduce the space.

6- Thermal insulation, mistakes to avoid

What are the things you should not do if you want to install effective insulation in your home?

• As already mentioned, the first thing to do is to install the thermal lining without solving the previous problems of mold and moisture.
• The use of plastic materials that do not allow the walls to breathe, especially for old houses.
• Do not use materials such as breathable plaster, wood, hydraulic lime, hemp, silicates, which promote transpiration and do not provide adequate ventilation after applying the thermal layer.
• Incorrect positioning of the panels: the panels must be moved as much as possible to increase the insulating surface with the help of insulating foams in case of misalignment.
• Do not correctly position corner protectors and reinforcing nets to support the insulation structure, which can move and be damaged.

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