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How to reform a terrace of 20 square meters?

If we are lucky enough to have a patio at home, we all want to take advantage of it when the weather is good. But how can we transform this room in the house without spending too much money? We show you what factors must be taken into account before starting with 20 m2 of terrace rehabilitation.

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What can be placed on the terrace floor?
If you want to transform it completely, you can start by changing the terrace flooring. Are there any other options:
• Natural grass
• Artificial grass
• Wooden floor
• Stone floor

This should always be done in the area of ​​the previous clone to avoid moisture. The prices of our installed materials can be very varied: from 35 euros per square meter to more than 130 euros per square meter.

What to put on the terrace so they don't see me?
Privacy is another important point when renovating our terrace. When building a wall to maintain the distance between neighbors, it is important to create a previous foundation. In this way, the formation of cracks in the wall can be prevented and the stability of the structure can be ensured.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a cheaper solution, the fence can be built with wooden slats for a budget of around 60 euros.

Lighting on the terrace of 20 m2
If the deck doesn't already have electricity, installing electricity can be a big expense. A very useful and above all economical alternative is the use of solar lamps, which do not require connection to a power outlet or special pre-installation.

Transform a terrace of 20 m2: What furniture to put?
The furniture that we place on the terrace must be specialized outdoor furniture. It is often in this part of the project that we usually look for financial ways to accommodate the reform budget. The initial solution to these situations is to use DIY art to decorate the room. With a wooden tray and other items, you can create the perfect garden table and chair without spending too much money.

Reform your terrace with plants
An important element are the plants we need. In this sense, in order not to spoil the decoration of our 20 m² terrace, several factors must be taken into account:
• The amount of light that the terrace receives
• Humidity
• The m2
• Furniture arrangement

Some climbing plants, such as false jasmine or honeysuckle, can add color to the walls. We even dared to create a small vertical garden.

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