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Tips for future tenants: how to avoid surprises and unnecessary expenses

The current rental market has transformed the task of obtaining a residence at a reasonable price into a complex challenge for a part of society. Economic choices take on special relevance, since they will directly influence the well-being of the tenant.

1. Rental conditions and initial costs
First, it is important to look at and understand the lease terms and initial expenses. Currently, it is common for the owner to request from the new tenant a guarantee that can amount to two monthly payments, and some may require a bank guarantee. However, it is important to keep in mind that the new Housing Law prohibits real estate agencies from requiring the tenant to pay their commissions.

2. Duration of the rental contract
Knowing the precise duration of the contract, as well as the conditions for its termination, is essential to avoid major financial problems. The Urban Leasing Law (LAU) establishes the deadlines related to the rental of housing, and it is essential to comply with these deadlines to avoid conflicts. This includes aspects such as the date of rent payment, the notice period required to vacate the property, the total duration of the contract, among others.

3. What is included in the rental price
It is also important to be clear about what is included in the rental price, given that some contracts incorporate community fees, central heating, or even water and electricity services. It is crucial to understand what services are built-in to prevent surprises when receiving monthly bills.

4. Increase in rental price
In the long term, it is equally essential to take into consideration the circumstances in which the rental price may increase, as current regulations have placed limits on this. The Government has set a 2% limit for rent increases at the annual contract review. However, it is important to know the particular conditions of each agreement and be aware of the date on which each monthly payment must be paid, as well as the possible implications in the event of late payment.

5. Check water, electricity and gas supplies
When you are preparing to move into the home, you will need to make sure that the water, electricity and gas services are active. Likewise, it is essential to inform yourself about any additional procedures that must be carried out and verify that all these services work properly.

6. What to consider if you have a pet at home
If you plan to have pets in the home, it is essential to make sure, before signing the contract, that the owner has not imposed any restrictions in this regard. Sometimes contracts include limitations regarding the types or sizes of pets allowed on the property, although in Spain it is rare to find restrictions in the Regulations of the Community of Owners.

7. Noises in the home and its insulation
If you move to an area with a lot of noise, it is recommended that you check if the windows provide adequate sound insulation to ensure your rest and comfort. Also, make sure there is good ventilation, as in addition to considering the location, cost and condition of the property, these aspects are equally essential to create a pleasant environment.

Taking all of these factors into account can simplify the often complicated process of renting a home and lead to a wise choice, ensuring a harmonious relationship with landlords over time. Likewise, it can help you find a home that meets all your expectations and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

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